Learning DisabilityLearning Disability, including dyslexia and specific language impairment, affect 15% of children in schools. Children with learning difficulties underperform in school. They also have difficulties learning to read or write (dyslexia and dysgraphia). There may be underlying speech and language disorders. Some children experience difficulties with mathematical concepts. Most of these children with learning difficulties have normal IQ but seem to struggle with school work.

Approach and Intervention of Learning Disability

Our intervention approach develop the student’s ability to learn so that they can become independent learners.
At Speech Matters, a brain and thinking development based program is used in the intervention for individuals with learning disabilities and dyslexia. This proven method targets cognitive development and develop thinking skills. Our program empowers the child to learn more effectively and efficiently.
A thorough and accurate assessment is key in this approach. Children with learning difficulties are assessed using Dynamic Assessment tools as well as speech therapy assessment battery. A cognitive profile of the child’s learning skills and deficiencies is generated to guide an individualized and a customized intervention program is formulated. The Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) approach is adopted to facilitate learning.
Mediated Learning Experience is a proven approach and is recognized internationally as an efficient and effective way to address cognitive deficiencies that hinder learning and future learning.

Who Will Benefit?

Learning Disability manifest in different ways.  Students with learning difficulties may:

  • Have difficulties reading and writing / spelling (Dyslexia & Dysgraphia)
  • Have difficulties understanding what they read
  • Have difficulties understanding mathematical concepts
  • Seem to have forgotten he / she has previously learnt
  • Have difficulties predicting what might happen next
  • Have difficulties coping with school work

These students will benefit from a thorough and comprehensive assessment, and an proven intervention approach.


Our results speak for themselves. Since 2008, we have been involved in the Singapore educational system.  We have been engaged by MOE schools and provided school intervention programs since then. The main target group are students who have been diagnosed with learning disability, specific language impairment, dyslexia or children with special needs. We are proud to have helped many Primary 6 students prepare for and pass their PSLE. Our results has been remarkable.

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