PhysiotherapyChildren’s and babies’ physiotherapy is a clinical specialty within the field of physical therapy.Children and babies are not just small adults, they grow very quickly and their structures change. To treat children effectively, a good strong foundation in child development, and muscle physiology is essential.  Many factors need to be considered when treating a young child. Hence, paediatric physical therapy requires specialist knowledge and experience.  Our team is equipped to provide the expert intervention.

Physical therapy is aimed at improving children’s motor skills and to facilitate their motor and overall growth and development.  Motor skills development may impact a child’s overall development. There is a link between motor development and speech development.  Delayed motor development may also impact a child’s speech and language development.

Does my child need physiotherapy?

Therapy benefits children with:

  • Developmental delays (ie are delayed in their motor and speech milestones),
  • Congenital disorders (e.g. cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome)
  • Autism or Autistic Spectrum disorders,
  • Coordination problems (e.g. children who appear clumsy),
  • Difficulties with fine and gross motor skills
  • Neurological injuries or trauma.

What does it involve?

All therapeutic intervention begin with thorough and comprehensive assessments. The assessment may include evaluation of:

  • Muscle tone / strength / endurance
  • Motor coordination
  • Joint alignment
  • Core muscle strength and stability
  • Ability to balance
  • Presence of injury

After the assessment, our therapists will plan and formulate an individualized intervention program to suit your child’s needs. Your child’s treatment goals and outcomes are discussed with you and your family.  Older children are encouraged to be part of the treatment process where appropriate. Our therapists will also integrate goals and strategies of other professionals, such as the speech therapists, who may be working with your child. The child’s progress is closely monitored and reviewed.

Therapy may include exercises, stretching, movement training, and the prescription and use of adaptive devices such as splints. We strongly encourage you to attend the sessions together with your child.  Your role is vital.  Hands-on training on how to execute the exercises or stretches will be provided during the sessions. You will learn how to continue the therapy in your home environment, with the assurance that the techniques used have been taught and checked by our experienced therapists.

Our Therapists

Our physiotherapists have years of expertise and experience in helping children.  They are one of very few therapists in Singapore who have masters degrees in paediatric physiotherapy.  They are certified practitioners of in the Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT) or Bobath.  This is an area of specialist training for assessment and rehabilitation of children with difficulties with postural control, movement and function. It is especially effective for children with neuro-development conditions. Our experienced therapists formulate intervention that help children stay motivated and positive towards their therapy.  Our sessions are fun and interesting and something children to look forward to attending.

Above all, our therapists are not just clinicians, they love working with children and their physiotherapy sessions are always highly enjoyable.