Speech Matters is a therapy centre that offers speech therapy.

“We provide professional and high quality assistance to children and adults of all ages who are struggling with varying degrees of physical and communication difficulties.”

Speech Matters has a Singapore based team of exceptional and highly regarded therapists who have an average of ten years of experience in the field.

With the help of these talented therapists, we continue to enjoy the privilege of bringing joy and success to all the children and adults we provide our services to.


We have made it our mission to unfailingly deliver the highest standard of quality care. At Speech Matters, we make sure that every intervention program is carefully designed and tailored to meet all the needs of the particular individual, using treatments that have been proven effective based on extensive medical research.


We understand that each person is unique; therefore, each treatment we provide should be personalised to meet the individual’s specific needs. By doing so, we aim to reach the maximum potential of every individual we work with. We also believe in the importance of family. The support and involvement of the individual’s family members are invaluable contributions that can help achieve therapy goals.

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If you feel that your child or loved one may be in need of speech therapy, please do not hesitate to call us. We will happily offer you our expert advice. In the meantime, feel free to browse through our list of services to learn more about the services we offer.

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Therapy for Children 

Therapy for Children


How do I Know my Child Needs Therapy ?


Speech Development

It is natural for some children to develop at a slower pace than others. However, a child who appears clumsier than his or her peers may need help in developing motor skills. Similarly, a child who has difficulty learning to speak may require help with speech development. Unclear speech is also something to look out for, as it is one of the key indicators of speech and language difficulties.

There is a difference between slow talkers and those who have difficulties learning speech and language.  We explain in details in our report Delayed Speech – Essential guide for parents whose child is still not talking,  you have the option of using our check list to help determine if your child needs speech therapy.

To download the report, CLICK HERE.


Difficulties with Reading and WritingDifficulties with Reading and Writing

In pre-school and school going children, having a hard time learning to read or spell might be indicators of learning difficulties. Identifying and diagnosing these difficulties early on is an important part of treatment.

If you have concerns about your child’s development, do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly therapists will assess your child and plan therapy if deemed appropriate.

Early identification and diagnosis is of utmost importance when it comes to the treatment of learning disabilities. Click on the links to find out more details about speech and language, as well as motor development.

Therapy for Adult

Therapy for Adult

Adult may also need help with communication. Find out about the management of voice problems and see how we can help.

Adult who have suffered from age related loss of function, or have suffered a stroke or brain injury, or have been afflicted by other neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, may need assistance to help restore their abilities.

The abilities to walk, talk, eat and care for one’s self may also be affected. Speech therapy is recommended as soon as these challenges are identified. Therapy helps improve function and, in the long run, reduces the burden of care on the family. Home based therapy is also available. In fact, it is one of our most sought after services.

Therapy for Adult

We have experienced great success in getting our patients back to work or school. We consider ourselves extremely privileged to have helped them through their most challenging times and to have seen them blossom and reach their maximum potential.

Our team of hard working and highly efficient therapists continue to work closely with one another to provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation.

Click on the link to find out more about our services for adults.

Our Community Work

At Speech Matters, we believe in giving back to the community. Over the past five years, we have been actively engaged in providing our services to the less privileged members of our community. The quality of service we provide is never compromised.

Our current projects include providing home based services for children with terminal diseases (including speech therapy) and providing care for the elderly in nursing homes. We are also proud of our continued involvement with a team of specialists located in Singapore who provide medical, dental and therapeutic services for children in China with cleft lip and palate.