Services For Children

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is an evidence-based intervention for children with speech and language difficulties. Children who struggle to learn speech and language may also be at risk of also having reading and writing difficulties when they enter school. Early identification and intervention have been proven to be effective…..Read More

Learning Disability

Learning Disability, including dyslexia and specific language impairment, affect 15% of children in schools. Children with learning difficulties underperform in school. They also have difficulties learning to read or write (dyslexia and dysgraphia). There may be underlying speech and language disorders.Some children experience…Read More


Dyslexia is a reading disability. It is now also known as Developmental Reading Disorder (DRD). It is a form of learning disability. It affects approximately 5-10% 0f the population.Developmental Reading Disorder (DRD) in the simplest form, it is best described as an impairment where the the brain does not properly…Read More


Children’s and babies’ physiotherapy is a clinical specialty within the field of physical therapy. Children and babies are not just small adults, they grow very quickly and their structures change. To treat children effectively, a good strong foundation in child development, and muscle physiology is essential.Many factors….Read More