Speech Therapy is an evidence-based intervention for children with speech and language difficulties. Children who struggle to learn speech and language may also be at risk of also having reading and writing difficulties when they enter school. Early identification and intervention have been proven to be effective.

About Speech and Language Development

Speech and Language DevelopmentChildren learn to communicate from the time they are born.  By the time they turn 1, most children begin to name common objects and begin to use language to get attention, or request for objects. By 4, children’s speech should be clear and understood by others outside their home environment. They can relate past events and use language to tell stories or communicate rules of games. Their sentence length and complexity increase with age. Children will also acquire literacy skills as their language develops.

Speech and Language Difficulties and delays

Children with speech and language delays have difficulties expressing themselves, and may have difficulties answering questions, or telling others about what they have done. They have difficulties speaking in complete sentences. Story telling may also be disorganized and or lack content.  Children at risk of delayed speech and language development include children with Autism, or are suspected of being on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Children with special needs, hearing impairment, or other neurological impairment are also at risk of speech and language delays. It has been well documented that children who continue to have speech and language difficulties at school age have increased risk of learning difficulties, reading difficulties and have poorer academic outcomes.

Who needs Speech and Language Therapy

Children may require speech therapy intervention for a variety of reasons. The concerns may include:

  • Delay or difficulties in speech development (e.g. delayed talking or Autism),
  • Unclear speech,
  • Difficulties expressing (e.g. difficulties saying what the child wants to say, or unable to re-tell what has happened),
  • Difficulties understanding (e.g. difficulties following instructions),
  • Stuttering,
  • Difficulties learning to read or spell (e.g. Dyslexia).

If you are not certain if your child needs speech therapy, you may want to download our report Delayed Speech – Essential guide for parents whose child is still not talking.

Click here to download the report.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech Matters offers comprehensive speech and language evaluations, and intervention programs. Our team of speech therapists is among the most experienced in Singapore. Our therapy programs are individualized to cater to the specific needs of each child. Children learn through play and have lots of fun while undergoing their intervention programs.

The Process

A comprehensive diagnostic assessment process for a new referral involves taking a detailed history from parents, gathering supporting information, and assessing the child’s speech and language skills using standardized tests and non-standardized tools and clinical observations. Parents are invited to attend the session and participate where appropriate. Assessment may take between one to three visits.
After an evaluation, our speech therapists will evaluate the findings taking into consideration information recorded during our assessment procedure as well as information provided by other professionals and stakeholders working with your child. Our therapist may recommend intervention programs based on the needs of the child. Treatment goals are formulated in consultation with the parents and caregivers. Parents and caregivers encouraged to attend therapy sessions and follow through with the program at home.


Our intervention programs have produced excellent outcomes for children with speech and language delays. The outcomes of therapy are often beyond the main presenting difficulties.  Children not only learn to speak fluently and clearly, they also pay more attention in their learning environments. Children will also develop skills to help them become independent learners. In the process of speech therapy, children also acquire skills needed for literacy.

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